Computer Department

Computer Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Department is a dynamic and sophisticated department that offers first-rate study opportunities in state-of-the-art areas within Computer Engineering. The continued success of our graduate program depends on the high quality and relevance of research performed by our professors and graduate students which is proved by the research papers published by the faculty and students in various conferences. We involved the students in preparation of mathematical models first, which has helped to create the research acumen among them.

To be renowned department for innovative and relative teaching learning  environment through quality education

To prepare the students to pursue life-long learning, serve the nation and meet intellectual, ethical and career challenges.
To empower students with recent Knowledge in IT to its highest potential

 Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

1. To apply the knowledge of computer Engineering to enable the students employable as well as pursue higher studies.

2. To develop the good communication and leadership skills

3. To analyze and demonstrate problem solving skills.

4. To inculcate strong technical and entrepreneurial skills.

5. To infuse latest trends in IT and prepare the students for competitive and dynamic environment.

6. To develop capability of self learning.

About Department.

Sr.No Computer Engineering Department Department Capacity
1 Intake capacity 60
2 Teaching staff 08
3 Non-teaching staff 03
4 No. of classrooms 03
5 No.of laboratories 07
6 Lab assistant 02
7 System admin 01